Your Views on Pension Reform Are Being Heard in Ottawa

We said to Have Your Say and you certainly did! At this writing, over 6.400 emails have gone out to MPs from all across the country.

And there’s still time to act – the vote is today at 5 pm. Show the MPs that retirement security must be at the top of the parliamentary agenda.

You do not have to agree with all aspects of the Opposition Motion nor think that your support indicates support for the Party that sponsored the Motion. As with all such Motions, it indicates that the House of Commons thinks the subject matter and direction are Parliamentary Priorities – and does not even bind to government to act in accordance with it – think Kyoto Accord.

What it does is allow the Opposition and government backbenchers and advocacy groups like ours to point to the Parliamentary Motion as an expression of the Will of the People – vox populi.

If the MPs vote in favour of the Motion and refer it to Committee, there will be a further chance to make submissions on specific elements of the Motion and the broader issue of Pension Reform.

This is not a hollow exercise. The government has already tried to ignore the call for pension reform by sidelining it to a research working group. By making it clear that significant numbers of us think it should stay a top priority, the government will have to re-think its strategy.

There are indications that the Motion will receive all-party support. Your input will help ensure that. At the very least, it will show all MPs how important retirement security is to you. Please help keep up the pressure.

Please refer to our “Have Your Say” newsletter [LINK} for background. information. Or just go directly to e-voice now and make your voice heard.

If you do not know the name of your MP, go to this website and enter your postal code.