The Importance of Being Purple

It was once said in the struggle for LBGT equality rights that if every gay person suddenly turned purple for a few minutes, the struggle would be over. Besides purple being my all-time favourite colour, I always believed that was the smartest thing anyone could say.

The first rule in advocacy is finding something in common with the person who holds the key to change – whether a legislator, an employer or a bureaucrat. By definition, needing to fight for equality rights means that you are in the minority; the majority is not like you. So a critical part of our work is to demonstrate our common humanity. And from there, to our human right for equality in every aspect that affects our lives.

As we move through society’s –isms, crossing frontier after frontier, we are finally gaining on some of the toughest. Luckily, the people who have come through that fight are among the toughest too and some of them have sent along their congratulations for the launch of Pink CARP.

As our new chapter, Pink CARP will allow us to be more representative of all of our members and provide a welcome space for fellowship as do all of our chapters. But we will not have done our job unless we also find common cause with the LGBT community in confronting the challenges of bigotry that still persist.