Senator Majory LeBreton’s Response to Elder Abuse Survey

“I was pleased to see how engaged CARP members are on the important issue of elder abuse. It was very encouraging to see that almost three quarters of those who responded to your questionnaire had seen our Government’s advertisement on TV. One of our main goals was to raise awareness of the serious issue of elder abuse, and research that we conducted with Canadians as well as recommendations by the National Seniors Council clearly indicated a need for us to raise awareness.

It is my great hope that this campaign will educate the public about the many ugly forms of elder abuse, and let seniors know that help is available and where they can find it. The ad will air again in the fall, reinforcing our commitment to take action and connect those suffering from abuse to resources that can help. For more information on our elder abuse initiative, resources and research I encourage you to visit .

Our government’s efforts don’t end with this awareness campaign. Indeed, as your questionnaire underscores, we must work together not only to raise awareness about elder abuse but to combat it. CARP’s leadership on awareness and prevention has been extremely valuable; our Conservative Government knows that we must continue working with our counterparts, collaborating with provinces and territories, professional associations, and non-governmental organizations to take measures to combat elder abuse and ensure that the quality of life of seniors is not diminished by abuse of any kind. That is why upon launching the awareness campaign we also immediately invited Canadian professional associations to apply for support to adapt and disseminate elder abuse materials. These materials will be used by professionals who frequently come in contact with seniors who may be victims of elder abuse.

We are also providing ongoing support to non-profit organizations to combat elder abuse. Through our New Horizons for Seniors Program, we have funded over a hundred elder abuse related projects at the local, regional and national levels. Earlier this year, together with my colleague, the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, I announced more than $4 million in funding see here for more information to support 16 projects across Canada. Each project falls under the Elder Abuse Awareness component of the New Horizons for Seniors Program. The funding supports national and regional non-profit organizations in their efforts both to raise awareness of elder abuse as well as to reduce incidences of abuse against older adults across the country.

Together we will continue working and taking action to end elder abuse.”

Yours sincerely,

Marjory LeBreton