Age friendliness: Coming to a community near you?

For information on what is happening in communities in Canada and around the world, visit the website of the International Federation of Aging www.agefriendlycommunities.comat and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Eight Essential Features of an Age-Friendly Community
1. Outdoor spaces and public buildings that are pleasant, clean, secure and physically accessible.
2. Public transportation that is accessible and affordable.
3. Housing that is affordable, appropriately located, well built, well designed and secure.
4. Opportunities for social participation in leisure, social, cultural and spiritual activities with people of all ages and cultures.
5. Older people are treated with respect and are included in civic life.
6. Opportunities for employment and volunteerism that cater to older persons’ interests and abilities.
7. Age-friendly communication and information available.
8. Community support and health tailored to older persons’ needs.
Source: Union of BC Municipalities

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