Aging group with zip

Williams also said she agrees that zoomer-specific concerns need to be addressed, especially at the regional and municipal level.

For example, said Williams, stores could start offering more for those who shop for one or two-person households. “In the grocery store, make things in smaller quantities,” she said. Her personal request was for the sale of eggs by the half-dozen.

New housing projects, she said, should similarly take zoomers into consideration.

Also in attendance, Linda Bowering said she is happy being a zoomer. She also supports zoomer-beneficial programming like continued education. “With life-long learning, maybe I’m only half the person I’m going to be,” she said.

However, Bowering also said that not all zoomers are in a position to benefit from such developing perks for the age group, particularly those on a small pension or fixed income.

Znaimer and Eng agreed, and said that is exactly the reason CARP is also pushing for a universal pension plan and changes that allow increased financial freedom for older people.

Znaimer said it is important to change the perception that “older” is “weak.” Then, he said, the discussion will be “more palatable to all sides of society.”

CARP is encouraging zoomers to take their issues to political representatives. In all, zoomers, said Znaimer, want to be heard and will vote for those with open ears.

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