Nova Scotia Announces New Caregiver Allowance

The Nova Scotia government has just announced that it will give a allowance to low income caregivers. If both she/he and the care recipient qualify, caregivers could receive up to $400 a month. The program is targeted at low income care recipients who have a high level of disability or impairment as determined by a home care assessment. For the caregiver to be eligible:

The care recipent must:
• Be 19 years of age or older;
• Be a Nova Scotia resident;
• Be in a care relationship with the caregiver;
• Have a net annual income of $18,785 or less, if single, or a total net household income $35,570 or less;
• Have a care assessment completed by a Continuing Care Coordinator indicating a very high level of impairment or disability requiring significant care over time.

The caregiver must:
• Be 19 years of age or older;
• Be a Nova Scotia resident;
• Be in a regular, ongoing care giving relationship with the person receiving care, providing 20 or more hours of assistance per week;
• Not already be receiving payment to provide assistance to the person for whom she/he is providing care;
• Be willing to sign an agreement which defines the terms and conditions for receiving the Caregiver Allowance.

Please call 1-800-225-7225 to apply for the Caregiver Allowance. If you are already receiving Continuing Care services, contact your Continuing Care Coordinator.

Or visit this site for more information

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