CARP Pensions Watch Roundup: October 2009 Update

In the wake of the Nortel Pensioners’ protest on Parliament Hill this month, public attention turned to Canada’s unresolved Pension Crisis.

Pensioners, Politicians take a stance on the pension crisis

– Jack Layton announces the NDP plan for pension reform (Thursday October 22, 2009): Click here to read them.

-The federal Liberals convene a national pension forum to collect public input (October 26, 2009) from the Liberals website Read more

– Finance Minister Jim Flaherty releases pension reforms for federally regulated industries (October 27, 2009): Read more

– CARP responds to Minister Flaherty’s federally regulated industries pensions reform package. click here to read the press release

– Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan alerts the media to imminent pension reform in Ontario. (October 29, 2009) Read more

Media reports on the pension crisis:

– Media reports on the Nortel Pensioners’ protest on Parliament Hill on October 21, 2009:
The Ottawa Citizen – Nortel Pensioners Take the Hill

CTV- Nortel Protests

The Financial Post- National Pension Forum Planned for Next Week

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