H1N1 Poll Analysis

Most Readers Agree that the Federal Government’s “hands-off” approach might be to blame for poor handling of H1N1 immunization campaign but this will not change their vote.

On November 6th 2009 we polled CARP Action Online readers on their thoughts and attitudes towards the handling of H1N1 flu immunization. Most of the nearly 4,000 respondents, 66%, were concerned with H1N1, 20% were “very concerned”.

Many respondents were unsatisfied with the timelines for immunization laid out by the government. More than half (59%) though the government’s promise of vaccinating all Canadians by Christmas was too late. Only 16% said the timing sounded right.

A surprising 39% of you chose not to assign blame for the line-ups and delays to any government or health authorities for the handling of the crisis saying that the job was too big or that resources were limited. A quarter of you blamed the Federal government and only 8% of you blamed Provincial authorities. Despite this disapproval, most respondents could not identify (61%) which party might have best handled the crisis.

Most readers (71%) thought that supplying private health clinics with the vaccine was inappropriate and one third of you thought the crisis might may have been manipulated to give private health care providers a greater role in Canada’s healthcare system.

Members were also asked if they believed the government’s “hands-off” approach to social issues had led to the crisis. More than half agreed this could be the case (56%), with as many as one fifth taking the strongest position (“I believe this” – 20%).

Despite this, most respondents (64%) said this would not change their vote in the next election indicating that this would not have been a good election issue for the Opposition.

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Keywords: H1N1, immunization