Art Defying Ageism: The Last Taboo Exhibit

THE LAST TABOO exhibit mounted in conjunction with the ZoomerShow and curated by Moses Znaimer himself was a big hit earlier this month. The title of the exhibit derives from Moses’ attempt to tackle what he considers society’s “last taboo”: Aging.

In his words, “Aging is sex for the new millennium, the topic we don’t discuss openly, the thing that happens to other people, behind closed doors. In deference to this last taboo, people of age have been denied their right to sensuality, to adventure, to any unconventionality that can’t be fondly smiled at by a condescending universe. In a way, they have become an invisible demographic.”

In August, Moses sent out a call for artists to reflect on this intriguing phenomenon of World Aging and the near possibility of radical life extension through drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, printmaking, computer supported work, sculpture and any other pertinent medium of expression. Twenty-six artists were selected including:

– Laura Archer, the Montreal nurse and painter who was kidnapped in Darfur in March 2009 (WISDOM, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 15 in.)
– Self-taught bronze sculptor Wynn Walters, a former journalist and executive with Nortel Networks (SEASONS OF WOMAN, Bronze)
– York University student Jessica Thalman, whose recent body of work shows Holocaust survivors in their homes as images of their youth during the war are projected against them (HARRY & MANIA #3 2009, Colour Inkjet Print, 20 X 12 in.)
– Newfoundland artist Tina Dolter, whose works represent the sensuality of maturing women (PEGGY’S OLYMPIA, Oil On Canvas, 48 X 36 in.)

photos from the exhibit

Keywords: event, art, ageism