Ontario Minister of Revenue on the HST

Editor’s Note: After the government of Ontario introduced enabling legislation for the HST we gave politicians from all three parties the opportunity to comment on the bill. Here is the response we received from the Minister of Revenue:

“Our tax changes are about helping Ontarians by creating almost 600,000 additional jobs and putting more money in their pockets through tax breaks and credits. We are permanently cutting income taxes for some 93% of Ontarians. As a matter of fact, some 90,000 Ontarians will no longer pay provincial income tax to the province of Ontario. We’re also increasing the property tax credit as well, and for seniors we’re more than doubling it. Most importantly, by implementing these tax changes, we’ll help ensure the services many of us rely on, like health care, remain strong. The HST has been controversial, and that’s understandable. But then we’re not moving forward with it because it’s easy. We’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do for our province.”

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