Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on the HST

Ontarians’ opposition to the proposed harmonized sales tax could not be clearer.

Ontarians of all ages and of all political stripes have rejected the idea of having to pay a new tax on a countless array of goods and services, especially at a time many people are already struggling just to make ends meet.

Senior citizens and older adults across Ontario have spoken out about the proposed HST, and New Democrats are listening. We’ve received letters and emails from every corner of the province, and we’re bringing those letters to the floor of the Ontario legislature to ensure Dalton McGuinty knows exactly where Ontarians stand on this widely-opposed new tax.

The stories we’ve heard reflect CARP’s polling on the HST: This is simply a tax that voters don’t want, and that should be reason alone for the Liberal government to put the idea of a new tax back on the shelf.

Unfortunately, the Liberal government has decided it doesn’t want to hear from Ontario families and senior citizens. To date, the government has flatly refused to hold public hearings to ensure Ontarians have a say about this new tax.

Ontario’s New Democrats have demanded public hearings across the province because that’s what Ontarians have told us they want. Ontarians have told us they don’t want a new tax without being consulted. They’ve pointed out that a new tax was never an election issue and that Dalton McGuinty simply doesn’t have a mandate to charge people more for their everyday purchases, or to increase the costs of necessities like home heating or gas for the car.

The premier likes to pretend he’s listening, just as he likes to pretend that this tax won’t hurt Ontario families and seniors. Unfortunately for Mr. McGuinty, the people just aren’t buying it.

Ontarians know that higher taxes on everyday necessities will take far more from their pocketbooks than they’ll get back with the premier’s promised tax cuts. And Ontarians also know that no government should even consider such fundamental changes to the tax system without first letting people have a say about it.

The NDP will continue to demand that Dalton McGuinty start putting fairness first and commit to public consultations across Ontario. Ontarians deserve to have a say about the HST.

Our party will continue to share your stories at Queen’s Park until the premier decides he’s willing to listen.

To find out more about the Ontario NDP’s campaign to stop the HST, visit our website at www.unfairtaxgrab.com

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