Respect for Wisdom: Affirmations

Another exhibit we thought was very moving is currently on display at SAS gallery in Montreal until December 5th. Part of the exhibit is a series called “Affirmations”. It is a series about learning, seeking and cherishing the wisdom of older persons. Young multimedia artists Patrick Struys and Joshua Barndt were inspired to create the series by conversations with their grandmothers. They found that each of their grannies had lived long enduring lives and have done so with astounding senses of hope which propelled them to positive action into their 80’s and 90’s.

“My generation is inheriting a world with many complex problems, facing this is not always easy and I must admit I don’t hold the same level of optimism as my grandmother. Working on this project was an attempt to gain perspective on the way she perceives the world and why. I envy her sense of hope. I needed to have this dialogue with her, and to give her stories space in my world. She has seen the world change in unimaginable ways, been through horrific times, and participated in major events that have shaped the world.

Our culture gives the elderly very little space in social dialogues, while they have the widest view, and have had the most time to process the intricacies and simplicities of life and living.” Joshua Barnd told us.

To visit his website and learn more about their work, please click here.

Photos from the exhibit

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