Zoomers wanted for Hearing Loss Study – $60 Stipend

Researchers at the Baycrest/Rotman Research Institute are looking for Zoomers to participate in a research study examining age-related hearing loss and the brain regions associated with it.

To be eligible for the study, individuals must be over the age of 60 and have either i) no previous muscial training, or ii) musical training in childhood with continued practice throughout life (e.g., singing, playing the piano, etc.).

The study pays $60, takes 5 hours, and takes place at the Rotman Research Institue near Bathurst & Lawrence.

The first hour involves a series of hearing tests, then participants get fitted with an EEG cap to measure brain activity, which takes about 45 minutes to calibrate, and then for the last 2 hours, participants watch a movie with subtitles while sounds are presented through headphones.

Anyone interested in the study can contact Benjamin Zendel by phone: 416-785-2500 ext. 3142 or by email:
[email protected]