Invitation to Get Involved in Climate Summit from PowerUp

This year, the United States outspent Canada on stimulating a clean economy fourteen to one per capita.

Meanwhile, Canada continues to have some of the weakest national government policies in the world on climate change – weaker than those in China and India. Global warming is getting worse and more quickly than most scientists had warned and Canada is lagging behind in developing clean energy jobs. Because of this leadership crises, our country’s youth and families quality of life are in jeopardy.

As we approach the Copenhagen Climate Summit, we have a ‘make it or break it’ chance to tell our leaders that we want to safeguard our planet and our quality of life for future generations. We know Canadians are informed and smart and now we all need to get engaged on a real level. At PowerUP Canada, we believe in changing laws, not just changing light bulbs.

Leading up Copenhagen, we invite CARP members to:

• Join fellow Canadians on the PowerUp Canada site
Sign our petition; and
• Engage with what is happening in Copenhagen through live video updates from Tzeporah Berman

CARP members can also add their voice by blog comments or posting videos on PowerUP Canada’s blog

We know Canada can be a leader in creating a strong clean economy and reducing global warming pollution but it won’t happen unless we all engage and make sure that our decision makers realize we care so let’s get involved.

Tzeporah Berman
Executive Director
PowerUp Canada

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