Ontario Residents: Last Chance Left to Fight for a Fairer HST! Have Your Say Today!

Notice to members living outside Ontario: this callout applies to Ontario CARP members because the Ontario HST is the only Province currently in the process of creating a harmonization. BC has yet to introduce harmonization legislation. We will keep on eye out for any other developments relating to provincial harmonization and alert you to what’s happening in your Province.

This Monday, December 7th 2009 the Ontario Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs will be debating and finalizing Bill 218 – the HST legislation. CARP will attend on Monday morning and present the clear message from over 5,800 CARP ActionOnline readers responding to our survey – that you are very opposed to the HST. click here to view survey results

click here to read the survey report

In the afternoon there will be no further consultation as Committee members will be finalizing and reviewing the Bill clause by clause. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO SOFTEN THE HST’S IMPACT.

With its overwhelming majority, the Committee and later, on third reading, the government MPs can eventually just pass the Bill. Then they can spend more of your money in advertising dollars – as government advertising rather than partisan advertising – and public sentiment could be sufficiently swayed for you to lose the momentum.

The Legislature has already given second reading to the Bill and the the central premise – that of harmonization – has been accepted. Therefore, need to focus our attention on asks that would soften the blow for older Canadians/Ontarians. In our latest HST poll you indicated a strong preference for a home energy grant/rebate and this is what we have decided to pursue. CARP is asking for:

1) A rebate or exemption of the tax on home energy costs
2) A permanent HST relief grant for seniors based on income

Whether you agree or not, this is your last change to make your voice heard. We encourage everyone to use CARP E-Voice to e-mail their Provincial MPPs as well as e-mail the Committee members. Call on your elected representatives to make this tax more palatable for the only segment of the population with a 70% voting rate!

Committee Members

Pat Hoy
LIB / Chatham–Kent–Essex

Laura Albanese
LIB / York South–Weston


Wayne Arthurs
LIB / Pickering–Scarborough East

Toby Barrett
PC / Haldimand–Norfolk

Kevin Flynn
LIB / Oakville

Eric Hoskins
LIB / St. Paul’s

Michael Prue
NDP / Beaches–East York

Peter Shurman
PC / Thornhill

Charles Sousa
LIB / Mississauga South

William Short

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