Older Canadians can drive change at the local level…

City governance is particularly important for older people since seven out of ten Canadian seniors live in urban areas. In a recent CARPActionOnline poll, respondents demonstrated a high degree of voter participation at the local level with more than 90% of those surveyed stating that they voted in municipal elections. The poll also revealed that while most respondents were reasonably satisfied with municipal services, many were dissatisfied with the level of civic engagement at the local level. Given their high rates of voter participation, older Canadians are well positioned to make a statement and push for change to this and other areas of municipal malaise when it matters most –at the ballot box.

We asked David Crombie, (everyone’s pefect mayor) for a reaction to our poll. Here is what he had to say:

” I was particularly impressed with the finding that a great majority are in favour of more community use of our schools and delighted to learn that about 7 in 10 do not want things left to the mayor but still value our traditional democratic approach of collective leadership with the Mayor and Council as”equal partners”after “lots of public imput”. Good for them! David “

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