Detective Jeff Springstead, Oakville Senior Fraud Officer/ Elder Abuse,has asked the Halton Seniors Helpline to put out an alert for everyone but particularly seniors.

Two women, one perhaps pushing a baby carriage, are using distracting tactics by one to enable the other to steal a wallet from an unsuspecting woman that has an open purse. The open purse makes the woman a target for the set up. Senior women are particularly targeted. There have been several incidents very recently, of this occuring at the “SEARS” store in Oakville Place. They are looking for credit cards and will probably try to use them a.s.a.p. for cash advances or purchases. If you discover that your wallet or purse has been stolen, cancel your credit cards immediately.
Please advise all women to secure their purses with a closed zipper and keep it close to their person at all times.