Pension Callout!

Canada’s Finance Ministers are meeting in Whitehorse December 17 and 18, to discuss pension reform but their Research Group is being steered by a note professor who is on the record as opposing the creation of a supplemental pension plan. To read a news story on this, click here

CARP sent out a news release to keep the pressure on the Finance Ministers to take urgent action to fix Canada’s retirement system to better protect and support pensioners, to provide a supplementary pension plan for those without workplace pensions and to convene a Pension Summit at which retirees have a material role. We also let the media know that we will be polling our members and conveying the results to the Ministers, so please take a moment to give us your thoughts in the Pension Reform survey.

This would also be a good time to let your MPs, MPPs and the Finance Ministers know that you want them act now and not delay any further. As always, pls use the handy E-Voice function. And here are the names of the federal, provincial and territorial Finance Ministers:

Province Finance Minister/ Critic

British Columbia LIB Minister Colin Hansen
Alberta PC Minister Iris Evans
Saskatchewan Minister Rod Gantefoer (Saskatchewan Party)
Manitoba NDP Minister Rosann Wowchuk
Ontario LIB Minister Dwight Duncan
Quebec LIB Minister Raymond Bachand
Newfoundland & Labrador PC Thomas W. Marshall, Q.C.
Nova Scotia NDP Minister Graham Steele
P.E.I. Hon. Wes. J. Sheridan
New Brunswick LIB Minister Greg Byrne
Yukon Premier & Finance Minister Hon.
Fentie (Yukon Party) NWT Minister J. Michael Miltenberger
(Consensus Government) Nunavut Hon. Keith Peterson

Canada CON Minister Jim Flaherty

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