Lose Weight and Feel Fine in 2010!

Are you ready to get fit and lose some surplus pounds?

Carole Carson is serving as the coach of the national AARP Fat 2 Fit online community, geared to our demographic and CARP is joining our partners in the Global Network for their next challenge for 2010.

Here’s what the AARP Fat 2 Fit Online Community offers:

You’ll be able to join a community that will help you get fit and, if needed, lose weight. Post your pictures. Create your own unique goals and program. Get support and give it too.

You’ll have access to inspirational and educational articles and videos with weight loss success stories, ways to lose weight and tips on how to feel great.

You’ll have easy access to weight loss tools, such as a body mass index calculator, calorie counters, a daily journal and more.

You can post a topic and ask a question. Your questions on nutrition, fitness and struggles will be answered by experts such as personal trainers, physical therapists, physicians and nutritionists.

You’ll have access to a recipe database with contributions from nutritionists, program participants–and Carole Carson. You’ll be part of an international effort. We’ll feature individual members each week to keep each other inspired.

Sound exciting? Join yourself or with a friend. Sign up today!

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