Guest Speaker


Since our fall newsletter we’ve been active supporting national advocacy initiatives and local member events. We have offered two day seminars in North Bay and Huntsville. The first was attended by nearly forty people and covered H1N1, new hands free driving laws, .05 no tolerance alcohol law, and keeping your brain young. The second, attended by about sixty was focused on retirement planning and financial management.

Exciting Line up for 2010

Our conference Planning committee has been hard at work arranging this year’s conference entitled Zoomer North 2010. A special lunch speaker has been engaged and we are sure you’ll enjoy hearing Charle Farqueson (in real life, Don Herron) tell us all about Zoomers and the havoc they’ve reeked on our world for the past 65 years. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear what’s happening in our Chapter and nationally in the area of CARP benefits, travel, insurance, health care, and retirement investing. A mailer will go to everyone who’s provided their email address in the near future regarding the location, lunch, prises and prices. It will also be posted on the website. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding our surprise special guest speaker.

February Board Meeting

The board met both January and February to consider new initiatives and benefits. As a result we are recommending all members apply for the new Zoomer Mastercard. It has no annual fee, provides cash back for all purchases and, perhaps best of all, provides access to “Best Doctors” . For anyone who doesn’t know this service you can cut and paste this link into yoru browser.

The board considered the success of the new royalty program introduced last year and decided to eliminate the Chapter membership fee. This means anyone in the Chapter 18 catchment area is now automatically a member of the chapter and eligible for all its benefits. These include the reduced conference fee, free entrance to seminars and lunches, Chapter Newsletters, etc.

The Chapter will be sponsoring a retirement financial seminar in North Bay during March. Further details will be available soon on the website and to anyone who has provided their email address.

R.M.(Ron)Farrell Chair, North Bay & District Chapter (18) CARP – for Zoomers For more information about our North Bay and District Chapter, check out our website at