Free CA Tax Clinics in Ontario

Each year since 1969, Free CA Tax Clinics are held across Ontario from mid-February until the end of March . Hundreds of volunteer Chartered Accountants and their associates help thousands of low-income people by preparing their income tax returns, free of charge.

To qualify for this free tax return assistance, total household income must be below $25,000 with dependents or below $17,000 without dependents. Also, individuals with rental income and/or business income do not qualify for the Free CA Tax Clinics program, regardless of the amount of income. Nor do we prepare returns for clients who have passed away.

These Free CA Tax Clinics operate in co-operation with a variety of agencies — including food banks, charities, hospitals, senior centres and homes, community centres, social service agencies and libraries. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario offers additional support to these agencies by providing them with an honourarium based on the number of tax returns prepared. This helps the agencies carry out their valuable work.


Paula Duncan Senior Coordinator, Member Services [T] 416-969-4236 [F] 416-962-8900