Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation Responds to Ontario Government Announcement Regarding Drug Reform

TORONTO, Apr 7, 2010 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) —-

Source: Shopper’s Drugmart

Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation (TSX: SC) today responded to the Ontario Liberal Government’s announcement with respect to plans for further drug reform in the province.

As part of the announcements, the Ontario Liberal Government indicated that generic prescription drug prices for patients under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program would be reduced from the current level of 50% of the equivalent brand name price for multi-source generic prescription drug products to 25% of the equivalent brand name price. The announcement also indicated that planned reductions in generic prescription drug pricing would also be extended to the private sector over a multi-year period.

The Company is in the process of reviewing these announced changes to assess their impact on its sales and profitability. At this time, it is too early to draw specific conclusions. Part of the Company’s review of these announced changes will include the further development and subsequent implementation of contingency plans for its own business and service model in order to ensure that it can continue to generate a fair and adequate return to fulfill its obligations to all stakeholders, including its Associate-owners, employees and shareholders. As a result of today’s announced changes to the Ontario drug system, the Company will also be undertaking a review of its longer-term strategic priorities and initiatives. As well, the Company will also be reviewing its previously issued expectations for comparable prescription sales growth in fiscal 2010, which did not fully contemplate the extent of the announced changes to the Ontario drug system. The Company will report its First Quarter Financial Results on April 28, 2010 and it is expected that further information will be provided at that time.

The Company is strongly opposed to the changes announced today and believes that they will have a direct negative impact on pharmacy services and patient care in the Province of Ontario. The plan indicates an unreasonably low rate of reimbursement compared to what was proposed by community pharmacy, suggests that the Ontario Liberal Government will further interfere in the commercial relationships between generic manufacturers and pharmacies, and that this government will play an increased role in the regulation of private sector drug benefit programs – programs which it does not fund or pay for.

Discussions regarding changes to the Ontario Drug Benefit Program have been underway for more than nine months. During the course of these discussions, community pharmacy provided the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care with numerous proposals that would save the government money, enhance pharmacy services and improve efficiencies, provide greater patient access and at the same time, ensure the long-term economic viability of community pharmacy and the Ontario Drug Benefit Program.

Key tenants of these proposals included:

– Price reductions on new and existing multisource generic molecules
for the Ontario Drug Benefit Program which would have delivered, on
average, more than $300 million in gross annual savings, or gross
savings of $1.3 billion over four years;

– No change to prices for generic prescription drug products in the
private sector;

– A modest increase in dispensing fees – necessary to ensure the
viability of pharmacies and the continued provision of critical
services in our communities – in order to begin to address the direct
funding shortfall given that the Ontario Drug Benefit Program already
has, at $7.00, the lowest reimbursement level for dispensing fees in

– Expanding the levels and types of services available through
pharmacists – improving patient access and creating significant value
for Ontarians;

– Allowing generic drug manufacturers and pharmacy retailers to
negotiate supply agreements in accordance with ordinary commercial
terms, eliminating the concept of professional allowances; and

– Enhancing drug utilization management programs by implementing such
measures as therapeutic substitution and increased generic
prescription utilization initiatives at the retail pharmacy level –
which could deliver additional annual savings in excess of $400

The Ontario Drug Benefit Program already benefits from some of the lowest generic drug pricing in the country and the Province pays the lowest dispensing fee in Canada. The $300 million in annual savings from the community pharmacy proposal would be in addition to those savings already being realized through drug system reform introduced in 2006 via Bill 102, which reduced the price of generic prescription medications in Ontario by more than 20%. Additionally, with a large number of branded molecules scheduled to go off patent in the coming years, it is estimated that the Ontario Drug Benefit Program is in line to save a further $2.3 billion between 2010 – 2014.

With an aging population and close to five million Canadians without a family doctor, the Company believes that now is the time to be investing in community pharmacy. Instead, these announced cuts will require all pharmacies, including the more than 600 Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies in Ontario employing more than 25,000 people, to review their operating, investing and professional practice models to ensure the long-term sustainability of their businesses. Furthermore, given that there is no government funding at all for most of the additional services pharmacies provide to patients, such as educational clinics, compliance packaging, blood pressure and glucose monitoring, telephone counselling and prescription delivery to seniors’ homes, it is expected that these cuts will negatively impact the health and well-being of patients and customers as it is inevitable that pharmacies will have to make reductions to their current service offerings.

Contrary to the McGuinty Liberal Government’s stated objective in its most recent budget of creating a foundation for jobs and growth, these cuts will potentially cause a reduction in resources and will stifle investment and growth within Ontario’s pharmacy sector. And while the Ontario Liberal Government has for years stated that it will provide additional funding and reinvest Ontario Drug Benefit Program savings in enhanced pharmacy programs and services, the reality is that it has delivered only one pharmacy professional service and associated compensation model to the citizens of Ontario since 2006.

In response to today’s announcement from the Ontario Liberal Government, Jürgen Schreiber, President and CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation stated: “It is unfortunate that the McGuinty Liberal Government has taken such a narrow and short-term view in introducing measures to reform Ontario’s drug system. In announcing these changes, while ignoring the reform proposals brought forward by community pharmacy, this government is putting at risk the long-term sustainability of community pharmacy in the Province of Ontario. Despite claims to the contrary from this government, there is little evidence to suggest that payers are willing to invest in enhanced pharmacy services and programs. These announced reductions in drug pricing and pharmacy reimbursement, on the heels of significant cuts just four years ago, will only serve to further commoditize healthcare and the practice of community pharmacy at a time when Ontarians need it most. These announced changes reinforce our view that in the long-term, the successful players in retail pharmacy will be those with size, scale and an ability to leverage operating efficiencies. Shoppers Drug Mart, with the largest integrated pharmacy network in the country and the leading market share, will be challenged in the short-term to adjust to the changes announced today, but remains well-positioned for the long-term.”

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