Alberta pension reform consultations

The Alberta government launched pension reform consultations and issued a consultation paper that stressed the need for action to improve Canada’s retirement income system. Surprisingly, Alberta Finance
Minster Ted Morton appeared to resist reforming Canada’s retirement income system by suggesting that pension reform should span a decade. CARP submitted its proposal for a Universal Pension Plan to the Alberta government and urged the government to rethink its backpedalling on the need for urgent pension reform to help alleviate the financial insecurity currently experienced by many older Canadians and to prevent such insecurity in future generations. CARP also shared its proposal with the Wild Rose Alliance which has advocated a national pension plan that would cater to private-sector workers and self-employed people. To read a copy of Alberta’s Pension Reform Consultation Paper, please click here. And please click here to read a letter CARP sent to the Alberta Ministry of Finance and Enterprise, to read the
Submission CARP has made in response to the consultation paper, please
click here.

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