New Board Introduced for Victoria CARP Chapter

The Victoria Chapter of CARP is being reborn. The initial board members – Laura Acton, May Virtue and Ray Welch – have taken on the responsibility for starting up what they hope will be the best CARP chapter in Canada.

Activities already committed to include three joint activities with the University of Victoria’s Friends of the Center on Aging:

• A Forum On Pension Reform that will feature Susan Eng (VP ) and be emceed by Craig McInnes from the Vancouver Sun. The forum takes place at 7:30pm Monday May 17th in room 105 of the Hickman Building on campus at U VIC. There will be a question/ comment opportunity for you after the formal presentations;

• The 11th Annual Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA) that are awarded on International Seniors’ Day – October 1, 2010. The award is given to 10 outstanding senior volunteers who are nominated from the community; and,

• The Senior Friendly Business awards where seniors vote to select the business that does the best job making them feel at home in their business. Past categories have included grocery stores/super markets, drug stores and restaurants.

The chapter will be busy recruiting both members and board members as we go along. As you can see from our activity list there will be a lot of interesting activities for our members. The Victoria chapter can be reached at
[email protected] or by calling Ray Welch, at (250) 220-5870. We look forward to your involvement.