Chapter Visits: Here we Come!

This Spring CARP is taking to the road to tap into the energy and organizing power of CARP chapters. CARP kicked off its chapter travels with a stop in Windsor where CARP’s central office and Windsor chapter hosted spirited discussions about public pensions and the politics of improving the financial security of older Canadians. When asked about their ballot box participation, not a single CARP member there reported missing a voting day.

Next up on CARP’s chapter road trip is British Columbia where pension and drug system reforms will be hot-button issues that CARP will bring to the fore with the BC government, official opposition and CARP’s Victoria, Coquitlam and White Rock chapters.

Last but not least on the tour will be Northern Ontario where the effects of the economic downturn have made CARP’s pension reform and energy rebate proposals top of mind considerations for CARP’s Sudbury chapter. The severity of the Alternate-Level of Care crisis in the Greater Sudbury area also generated renewed support for CARP’s call for financial and social supports and workplace protections for informal caregivers.

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