Generic Drug Pricing Reform

CARP actively supported proposals in Ontario to dramatically reduce the price of generic drugs, expand the patient services provided by pharmacists and eliminate rebates paid to pharmacists by generic drug companies. Opponents of the reforms – aware that other provinces could follow suit – stoked fears about loss of services to seniors by threatening to close stores or charge for delivery. CARP members expressed definitive support for overhauling the drug pricing system. In a poll of CARP ActionOnline readers, 91% of the over 3,200 respondents fully supported the proposed changes and condemned the retaliatory action. CARP members’ support for the reforms certainly entered the public discourse in a high profile manner when the Minister of Health & Long-Term care announced the poll results during question period at the Ontario Legislature – revealing once again the far-reaching impact of CARP members’ collective action through CARP’s bi-weekly newsletter and polls.

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