CARP Elder Care Poll Report

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CARP members strongly agree that more regulation is needed in the provision of elder care services in Canada, that regulation should apply equally to the public and private sector and that frequent, unannounced spot-checks are the best regulatory tool to ensure care provision meets standards.

One third of CARP members have a family member in a care facility of some kind, and one tenth have a family member who receives outside care at home. The plurality of members, if forced to, would want to bring care services into their home, even at a cost, rather than going to a facility for care. Cost is not the key determinant.

Members agree that there are not enough in-home or in-facility care services available in their provinces, although the problem appears to be more critical for in-home services than for facility services.

Members agree strongly that both the government and the private sector have a role to play in paying for care services, and that government regulation should apply to all care facilities, not just those which are publicly owned. They agree that no care services should be provided unless the facility is regulated, and that more regulation is needed in Canada.

When asked which one aspect of care services in-home and in-facility are most in need of regulation, the plurality cites the professional expertise of the care providers, and a plurality agrees that frequent, unannounced spot checks are the best regulatory tool to use.

With respect to issues in Ontario, members agree that the province’s new regulatory board for retirement homes should include government, industry and resident representatives, and that all nursing homes in the province, not just newly built ones, should be retro-fitted with sprinkler systems.

In electoral preference, the Conservatives are favoured by close to half our
members, while the Liberals are favoured by about a third, and these
levels of support have not changed markedly in the past month

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