CARP G8/G20 Poll Report

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Although CARP members support the G8/G20 summit goals, they believe that the summit is too costly. Members do not favour a global financial tax but they do favour a National Securities Regulator for Canada. They have doubts about the safety of the offshore drilling program. The conservative party is currently the favoured party among CARP members but would be bested by a coalition of three Federal Opposition Parties.

Members do not believe the attention Canada will attract on the world stage is worth the cost of the G8/G20 summit, and they don’t believe much attention will be paid anyway.

On the subject of the purpose of the summit, there is wide agreement that maternal and child health is an appropriate focus, and there is overwhelming agreement both that family planning is a part of maternal and child health AND that access to safe abortion is a part of family planning.

If the focus of the summit were not maternal and child health, one half of members would want the conference to focus on the global economy.

Members do not favour a global financial tax, or “Tobin Tax”, but they strongly favour the idea of one national securities regulator for Canada, and they agree strongly this regulatory body should be headquartered in Toronto.

A slim majority of members think deepwater oil drilling should be banned in Canada, and a solid majority think there should be a moratorium on granting new offshore drilling permits. Members are uncertain of the safety of Canadian offshore wells.

The Conservative party is favoured over the Liberals by our members, and the level of electoral preference has not changed in two months. If a coalition of Liberals and the NDP presented itself to members, however, it would be favoured over the Conservatives by a slim margin.

To view detailed poll analysis complete with colour charts, please click here

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