Join the CARP Team at the 50 Plus Olympiad in Italy

The XVII 50 & Più Olympiad 2010

Those of you who were at the 2009 CARP AGM will remember CARP VP and GM, Eric Vengroff’s presentation on the Italian 50-Plus Olympiad/Games. The games are held annually by our Italian colleagues in the AARP Global Network,


Like CARP, 50 & Piu is a national organization representing the interests of their national aging population. 50&Piu, and the AARP Global Network are inviting CARP members to join for their next Olympiad this September.

A Message from Eric Vengroff, CARP VP and General Manager

Our friends at Italy’s 50 & Più, a fellow member of the AARP Global Network, have put together an outstanding trip later this summer. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit some of the world’s most historic and dynamic cities, Rome and Florence, and to participate in a mini-Olympic like event in the beautiful beach resort town of Pizzo Calabro located near the Mediterranean Sea in southern Italy.

I went to this event last year and had a marvelous time. In total, last year’s event was attended by roughly 700 members of 50 & Più from Vercelli, Piemonte, Sardegna, Torino, and indeed many cities and regions of the country. Not all were athletes, since many participants brought their spouses, and not all spouses entered the games themselves. The ages of the participants ranged from just over 50 to over 90. The events consisted of swimming, archery, soccer (penalty kicks), basketball (free throws), bicycling, ballroom dancing, a 2k ‘maratona’, and of of course there was bocce.

We toured some interesting and historical sites in Rome, Puglia, and Florence. Now’s your chance to do the same, except that the Olympiad will be taking place at a Club Med in Calabria. The XVII 50?ù Olympiad 2010 package consists of 11 days and 10 nights in late September. You will experience wonderful accommodations, historic settings, authentic Italian cuisine, and an opportunity to engage in friendly sporting competition with members of 50?ù and other member countries including the USA, Holland, Denmark, India and Chile. The details are below:

Summary of XVII 50 & Più Olympiad 20-30 September, 2010 Package Itinerary:

11 day/10 nights travel package to Rome, Florence and participation in the XVII 50?ù Olympiad 2010 in the southern Italian province of Calabria.

• The Olympiad will be held in southern Italy at a resort village CLUB MED Napitia (Vibo Valenzia) situated on a beach by the Mediterranean Sea.

• The sporting events will include archery, soccer (penalty goal kicks), basketball (free throws), swimming, ping-pong, running, and several other non-strenuous sporting events. Participation in the sporting events is encouraged but not required.

• A two kilometre run (mini-marathon) for men and women are the flagship events which will be held on the last day of the Olympiad.

• The evening of the last day will include a celebration dinner, medal-presentation to individuals and teams and closing ceremony that includes fireworks.

• Other cultural and social events and workshops will also be available for the participants to attend at no additional cost.