Fact Sheet on Affordable Housing

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• In September 2008, the Government of Canada announced $1.9 billion over five years, for housing and homelessness programs for low-income Canadians.
• Canada’s Economic Action Plan also takes action to strengthen our country’s economy with a further, one-time investment of more than $2 billion over two years to build new and renovate existing social housing.
• These new housing investments also address Canada’s goals with respect to climate change and the environment. Energy efficiency is a high-priority for any work funded through these housing measures.
• Funding for Housing for Low-Income Seniors, Housing for Persons with Disabilities and Northern Housing is being delivered through existing arrangements with provinces and territories.
• New in Canada’s Economic Action Plan
• $75 million for new housing for people with disabilities
• $200 million for Northern Housing
3. Housing for Low-Income Seniors
• $400 million to build more housing for low-income seniors
• The Government of Canada wants to ensure that Canadians on fixed incomes can live with independence and dignity and remain in their communities, close to family and friends.
• Canada’s Economic Action Plan will provide $400 million, over two years, to build new rental housing for low-income seniors.
• To ensure a quick start to construction, funding is being delivered through existing arrangements with provinces and territories. Through the amended agreements, Provinces and Territories cost share federal funding on a 50-50 basis and are responsible for program design and delivery.

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