VON, a charity guided by the principles of primary health care, works in partnership with Canadians for a healthier society through:

Leadership in community-based care. Delivery of innovative, comprehensive health and social services. Influence in the development of health and social policy. Volunteers are central to VON’s Mission, working in partnership with VON staff to develop, implement and deliver services that meet community needs. We have a role for You!

VON Volunteers are:

Warm and caring Dependable, patient and trustworthy Good communicators From all walks of life Willing to give back to their community through sharing their time and talents

Discover the Joy of being a VON Volunteer

Here is a sample of the exciting volunteer opportunities that may be available to you.

Meals on Wheels Diners Club/Wheels to Meals/Congregate Dining Transportation Home Maintenance Volunteer Visiting Security Checks/Reassurance Volunteer Hospice Visiting Parent/Infant Visiting Program Adult Day/Alzheimer Day Program Foot Care Public Relations/Marketing/Fundraising Board of Directors/Advisory Boards Other rewarding volunteer opportunities.

For More Information please click here or check our website at www.von.ca