Paid User Research Studies for Elders and Individuals with Disabilities

About this Project

Are all retail services equitable? How well does the service meet your needs? A design research agency is currently recruiting 8-12 individuals in the Toronto metro area to participate in paid product/service reviews and focus group discussions related to retail banking services. We are currently seeking to recruit individuals with a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive abilities (including various ages and language abilities) for the project. Participants will help to review the usability of retail banking services in the form of small group sessions, individual interviews and/or reviews on-site or off site.


Participation in this project carries a commitment of from 2 to 6 hours for the retail services reviews (on Thursday, August 12 or Friday, August 13) and a 1 hour focus group session (or individual phone follow-up session) on another day (Wed, August 25). The majority of participants will need to be available during the day, from 9AM to 3PM. Several time slots may be available in the evening.


All participants will be offered stipends ranging from $50 to $150 based on your level of participation along with lunch.

About Us

This research study is being conducted by a non-profit organization called the Institute for Human Centered Design – a 32-year old organization (based in Boston, MA) that is committed to the involvement of individuals with a range of abilities in the design process. Our work seeks to inform organizations and individuals on the best-practices related to inclusive design in the built environment, services and products.

How You Can Apply

There are NO SALES involved; these focus groups are strictly for user and/or product/service research purposes. Your information is held strictly private and it is not released to any other parties. It is our intent to cultivate a relationship with a small core group of users in the Toronto area that can be called upon for this and future studies.

Please include the following in your reply: name, age, and occupation (current and previous), phone number, email address, primary language, secondary language, special needs or disabilities. We have a particular need for individuals with mobility limitations such as those that use a wheelchair, or require the assistance of a walking stick / cane. Please be complete with your responses as we will use this information to select the core participants for this first study. There may be follow up studies for which we would like to remain in contact with you about.

We will follow up with you with further questions and project details if there is a match between your profile and this specific product review opportunity. Thank you for your willingness to be available for this very exciting user research study!


Jennifer Otitigbe
Project Director
Institute for Human Centered Design
Please respond directly to: [email protected]
[email protected]