Smitherman won debate, poll shows

Originally published in the Toronto Star on August 11th, 2010. To go to the Toronto Star please click here

George Smitherman was the hands down winner of the CARP mayoral debate at Ryerson today, according to an informal exit poll.

Smitherman was the choice of 18% of the 250 crowd going in but emerged backed by 43%.

Rocco Rossi also picked up support, going from 17 to 23%, while the other three participants lost ground.

Joe Pantalone fell from 9% to 6 while Rob Ford dropped one point from 8 to 7.

Sarah Thomson was backed by 8% of the crowd on the way in and only 3 on the way out.

CARP, an advocacy group for people over 45, hosted the debate which focused on concerns of older people.

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