Home Care Poll Report

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CARP Home Care Report August 20 2010

There is very little awareness of home care options, how they are funded or where to seek them among members. Nevertheless, one third expect to stay in their homes with some kind of privately or publicly funded care when they can no longer live independently. There is wide agreement that home care, even though more costly, is preferable to institutional care, and many agree it should be available free to all who require it.

One-in-ten members is a veteran, and about one third of these are disabled, but fewer than half our members are aware of the full spectrum of medical and home care services available to disabled veterans through Veterans Affairs (VA). Two thirds of members agree both that this level of care should be available to all aging Canadians, and that CARP should make this a goal. Half of our members agree that both the coordinating and funding roles are important parts of VA’s services. There is a high degree of interest in the concept of Registered Long Term Care Savings Plans.

The Conservatives have widened their gap over the Liberals to more than 10 points, from being close to tied two weeks ago at the height of the census issue. The NDP have lost a small but significant tranche of support.

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