Brief Federal Pension Reform Advocacy Update: Flaherty's Response to CARP's Open Letter

Prior to the Finance Minsiters’ talks in PEI in June of 2009, CARP had polled its members on pension reform and issued a news release calling political leadership and concrete reform. To read the news release we issued, click here. Along with the news release, we also issued an open letter to all Finance Ministers, click here. On August 26th, we finally received a response letter from Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. To read his response, please click here. The Finance Ministers are set to meet again in the fall to discuss the implementation of measures that will enhance income security for older persons. In the meantime the Nova Scotia department of Finance has called for commentary on the proposals made in Prince Edward Island. CARP will develop a position paper to respond. To read the consultation document issued by the Nova Scotia government, please click here.

Keywords: seniors, finances