NORDIC WALKING POLES now available from CARP Nova Scotia

CARP Nova Scotia Chapter continues our partnership with Nordix Pole Walking Canada Inc.

Nordix Traveler Nordic Pole Walking poles are available through the CARP Nova Scotia Chapter. The cost is $79.95 +HST = $91.94 for these high quality Nordic Traveler Walking Poles. We also have Nordixx Walker Nordic Pole Walking poles for $64.95 +HST = $74.69. Both styles  include free carry bag


Clinical Studies Show Nordic Pole Walking Improves Health and Fitness more than walking without poles. Nordic Pole Walking is the most effective low-impact exercise for all ages and fitness levels showing the highest benefits for health, wellness and fitness for people of all ages.

For information on how you can purchase Nordixx Nordic Walking Poles as holiday gifts, contact Bill VanGorder at [email protected] or call Bill at 497 8073.

No special fitness skills are required, therefore, NPW is ideal physical activity for Zoomer’s.

While Europeans have been using Nordic Pole Walking for years, it’s only recently that new studies show what millions of Europeans have already discovered – this low cost, low impact exercise produces measurable results!

Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck launched his Nordic Pole Walking program in Canada in 2009. In cooperation with MRC Associates, Inc. Halifax, Dr. Schwanbeck will come to Halifax for clinics and certification of Nordic Walking Instructors on Sept 29th 2012 for information contact [email protected]

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