AARP Global Network Volunteer Work Project, Lima Peru

Under the aegis of the AARP Global Network (CARP is a member organization), Cross Cultural Solutions, a leading organization in the field of international volunteer programs, is organizing a Volunteer Work Project for the week of 2 – 9 April 2011, in Lima Peru.

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) is a non-profit organization that offers short-term volunteer programs from 1-12 weeks giving people the opportunity to volunteer abroad and experience another country’s culture and customs in a short amount of time. Volunteering abroad is a way for people to lend their skills, service, and time in other areas of the world. It is particularly fulfilling because volunteers not only feel the satisfaction of service, but they also get to experience another culture in a way that they couldn’t as a conventional tourist.

For this particular project, the AARP Global Network group will be volunteering at an elderly centre which serves over 100 low-income seniors.

CARP is pleased to share this opportunity to participate and to interact with fellow Global Network volunteer members. Participants will enjoy a cross-cultural experience through scheduled work and social activities, free time and the chance to make friendships across multiple nations.

The program fee is $1645.00 CAN per person, which covers coordination, volunteer placement, lodging, meals, transportation, all pre-departure and in-country literature, travel medical insurance and all cultural and learning activities. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangements between Canada and Peru.

Attached is a sample of the week’s schedule planned for Lima.

Anyone interested in learning more about Cross Cultural Solutions and this Volunteer program, please

or contact:
Marge Rubin
Director of Communications
Cross Cultural Solutions
2 Clinton Place
New Rochelle, New York
Toll Free 1 800 380-4777
[email protected]

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