We are deeply saddened to learn that our friend and colleague Harry Bowers passed away on Sunday October 24th.

Harry was a founding member of the Halton Chapter of CARP. In April 1993, during the first meeting of the Chapter, he was elected to the Interim Management Committee and in 1994 he was elected Chair. He served in this position until June 2007.

Harry used every means available to spread the organization’s influence. During his tenure, the chapter’s membership increased from 2,500 to more than 7,000.

Harry felt that heightening CARP’s profile in the community was the key to this success. “We never turn down an invitation,” he said. “We get CARP in the public eye as much as possible.”

With such a solid community presence, it surprised no one when Harry was named Burlington’s 2001 Senior Citizen of the Year, a richly deserved award voted on by the Mayor’s office and city council.

Representing CARP and the Burlington Seniors Advisory Committee, his crowning achievement was having countdown timers placed on crosswalks at larger intersections in Burlington, allowing slower pedestrians to gauge how much time they have to cross.

He used his local influence to spotlight many senior issues, including the shortage of family doctors, the lack of funding for long-term care beds and the need to build more affordable housing.

Harry’s death was announced in the Hamilton Spectator. To read this announcement in full please: