Most people will agree that new technology, and the advances being made to existing technologies, improves the quality of life. Think of the improvements that have been made to television or to cameras. Today’s high definition TV’s or digital cameras barely resemble the models of just a few years ago. Cell phones, Computers and the Internet have opened up an almost endless list of new opportunities. And the list goes on.

Keeping pace with these rapid developments in technology can be daunting and learning how to use them even more so.

Do you want to take advantage of new technology? Or are you one of those many people feeling left behind by new technology? Then help is at hand. And best of all it is FREE.

The Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG) provides older adults with FREE help using computers, the Internet and virtually any other modern technology. ETAG helps seniors learn to benefit from the positive potential technology creates, enabling them and improving the overall quality of life.

Their ‘Volunteer Technology Assistance Program’ is designed to accommodate everyone, no matter how little previous experience a person has. Older adults interested in learning how to use modern technologies are paired with student volunteer “tech tutors”. ETAG’s volunteer technology tutors are patient, thorough and knowledgeable people, with a desire to help seniors connect with technology.

ETAG collaborates with academic institutions, research facilities, community organizations and volunteers from all walks of life to offer their Volunteer Technology Assistance Program. A variety of programs are offered across the region throughout the year. Community partners include the Sheridan Elder Research Centre, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Newcomer Information Centre. Without this support and the help of their volunteer team, ETAG’s programs would not be possible.

Starting December 2010, ETAG will be having monthly Life Long Learning Workshops. These workshops are geared towards more experienced technology using seniors who are curious about “what else?” technology can do. For a minimum donation, participants will attend a 3 hour interactive workshop that highlights current technology trends, recommends helpful web services and applications, and provides demonstrations of modern technologies. The workshops also facilitate an open forum discussion where participants are able to speak with ETAG representatives about topics they are interested in and have specific questions answered.

To learn more about ETAG and the many programs they offer