The Royal Canadian Legion – Leading Remembrance and Much More

CARP.CA and are proud to support the Royal Canadian Legion; and we ask that CARP members take a few minutes during this Veterans Week and leading up to Remembrance Day to find out more about a dynamic new generation of leaders and mentors that is making the Legion more active – and visible – across a broader range of issues, than ever before.

The British Columbia/Yukon command is taking the lead in promoting a “new look” for the Royal Canadian Legion.

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The Legion (BC-Yukon Command) builds more affordable and seniors housing than any other not-for-profit in British Columbia and has been largely responsible for training most family doctors in rural and under-served areas since 1978.

They support over 400 youth groups and are the largest contributor to Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and Cadets. The Legion in BC/Yukon has 70,000 members and is 99 per cent volunteer. And don’t forget the Poppies!

Find out more about the great work of the Legion across Canada in your community – working with Veterans and Seniors, The Canadian Forces, Youth Groups, and particularly in November, leading Canadians as we remember those sacrificed themselves in our defense.


With myths debunked, and challenges waiting, are you ready to make a difference?

Poppies? Of course.

Veterans? Absolutely.

Building a better future for Canada? There’s no better time or place.

Be inspired to action – learn more and get involved today.

Hear our VOICES today at

Contact British Columbia/Yukon Command, The Royal Canadian Legion 604.736.8166 152-5489 Byrne Road, Burnaby, BC V35J 3J1 Or contact your local Branch.

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