April Lewis, Communications Director and Jack Mar, Chair, CARP White Rock/Surrey Chapter

CARP – Canadian Association of Refreshed, Recharged and Revitalized Persons – held their Annual General Meeting in Toronto this past weekend. Your White Rock/Surrey Chair, Jack Mar and myself had the privilege of attending as the guests of media mogul Moses Znaimer, President of CARP and Zoomer Media, and his amazing team. We had the opportunity of meeting CARP Chapter chairs from across the country who share CARP’s vision of enhancing the quality of life for all Canadians as we age. Jack and I were impressed by their energy and commitment which has inspired us to work harder to make our White Rock/Surrey chapter even better. But we can’t do it alone…we need your support.

According to a recent article in the Toronto Star, under Znaimer’s leadership CARP Chapters have grown from 14 to 41 in two years. By increasing membership, CARP can have a louder voice on Parliament Hill in its fight for “bread-and-butter aging issues” such as health care reform, improved pensions and programs for seniors and caregiver support. CARP is the biggest non-profit advocacy group in Canada with membership at 350,000 and growing. And Znaimer has the ability to get CARP’s message out through the media as he owns ZoomerMedia Ltd.

Jack and I also attended the Zoomer Show in Toronto (photo attached) which is considered Canada’s largest baby boomer trade and lifestyle show. According to the Toronto Star article, those of us who are aged 45 and over are considered “boomers with zip” or as Znaimer has rebranded us: Zoomers! We account for 58 percent of all consumer spending, spent $1.5 billion in online purchases last year and buy 80 percent of health care products. The first ever Zoomer Show is coming to Vancouver on November 27 and 28/10.

So CARP is not just a pretty face as you will see on this month’s Zoomer magazine. It is a powerful combination of advocacy (remember Susan Eng’s visit to White Rock in May) and giving us Zoomers what we want and need. A New Vision of Aging for Canada is a vision that emphasizes engagement and empowerment and the right to age without fear of discrimination, poverty or ageism. Jack and I feel revitalized, recharged and refreshed to spread the message but we can’t do it without you. Come join us White Rock/Surrey.

We are proud to be Zoomers!