Vox Populi – Have your say!

CARP E-voice

Some Private Members Bills are coming up for Debate or Vote in the House of Commons that cover issues of particular resonance for older Canadians. Have a look and then have your say!

As explained in “PMB 101”, backbenchers get the chance to influence public policy through Private Members’ Bills but their proposals rarely make it to the front of the Legislative agenda. And when they do, they may not have the resources to garner the vote of their colleagues to move the Bill ahead.

That’s where you come in. By using CARP e-Voice to email your MP [copy to the sponsor of the Bill], you can advise your Elected Representative that you’d like him or her to support [or oppose] a particular Bill when it comes up for debate and vote.

Since Private Members’ Bills rarely get the attention of government bills, your voice has even greater weight. If you have specific questions, you should email the MP sponsoring the Bill.

Some of the Bills will come up before the end of the year and one that would get rid of mandatory retirement once and for all – comes up this Monday!

So don’t hesitate.!

Read the material we’ve collected. Then go to: http://www.carp.ca/evoice/
. Find your Member of Parliament’s name in the drop down menu.

If you do not know the name of your Elected Representative or Electoral District, enter your postal code in the search tool at: http://www.elections.ca/home.aspx

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