Mandatory Retirement/Private Members’ Bill Report

November 26 2010


Two thirds of CARP members agree with the recent Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s decision in favour of the superannuated Air Canada pilots, two thirds agree this decision should apply to all pilots and two thirds agree the section of the Canadian Human Rights Act which permits mandatory retirement in federally regulated industries should be rescinded.

Close to two thirds of members have few or no concerns about flying with a pilot over 60, and this grows to three quarters when they are reminded that all pilots re-license regularly.

When presented with a selection of private members’ bills before parliament, members rank them as follows (percentage who “agree strongly”):

1. C 501 (pension plans as secured debts – 67%)

2. C 212 (home care tax credit – 53%) C 564 (Seniors Consumer Price Index – 48%)

3. C 574 (Pension Bill of Rights – 40%) C 262 (no retroactive limits on GIS/OAS – 36%)

4. C 481 (end mandatory retirement – 30%) C 449 (free seniors transit in off-peak hours – 29%) C 538 (assign benefits to someone not spouse – 20%)

The Conservatives continue to increase their share of the voter preference slightly while the Liberals decrease slightly.

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