Halton Chapter Year End Review

As many of you will already know our 2010/2011 season of Halton Chapter meetings and activities is well underway. We began our monthly Chapter meetings in September and with the exception of December these will continue until June.

Chapter meetings are held normally on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Newsletters announcing these meeting will be sent out each month. We will continue to have guest speakers providing information on a wide range of topics that are of interest to seniors.

We would also like your ideas on things we should consider doing. For example in addition to our series of speakers would you like to see us do more social activities? A write up about a very successful social evening we held in November is included later in this newsletter. Would you like more events like this or perhaps even a more formal occasion? Please send us an email at carphalton[email protected] with anything you would like us to hear about.

You may be asking why come out to the Halton Chapter meetings? These are just some of the reason we can think of. To learn from our interesting speakers. To have fun. To meet interesting people. To network with others who may have similar interests. To meet people with completely different interests. Or simply to enjoy the opportunity to socialize with like minded people.

Here is an example from our Social Evening held on November 23rd.

Two couples who had not previously met, and had not previously attended a chapter meeting, came to the social evening. By chance both couples chose to sit at the same table. During the conversation the question of who you had worked for was asked. It turned out that both of the men had worked for A.E.C.L. Also both men, and one of the ladies, had lived and worked in South Korea. A lively conversation ensued as experiences and personalities, many known to both, were discussed. What are the odds of those two couples meeting in that manner? Both families became CARP members that night.

But, that was not the only table that had a lively conversation. All the tables seemed to be buzzing with conversation. People introduced themselves to each other, discussed CARP, the weather, politics, the amazing music and singing, and many other topics. A great time was had by all.

With more ideas and participation from our members we believe we can strengthen the Halton Chapter and make it even more relevant to the seniors in our area. In the New Year we will be announcing our Advocacy Program and will keep you informed through regular Newsletters. We also encourage you to make regular visits not only to the CARP National website but also to this website where we frequently place articles of interest.

And please consider coming to one of our monthly meetings. We would really like to see more of our members and friends come along.