Caja Los Andes Eco-Vacation Centers

A 25% discount on published rates at the eco-tourist centers during medium and low seasons (March to December)

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improve the welfare of local people” and that is precisely what these 5 Eco-Vacation centers is designed to achieve.

1. Bahía Inglesa: Located in northern Chile, 7 kilometers south of Playa Las Machas, at the southern entrance of the resort of Bahia Inglesa in the town of Caldera the Eco-Vacation center is set in 20 hectares of land. It has 21 two-bedroom cabins for 6 persons (one double and one with 2 bunk beds) each equipped with TV, bathroom and kitchen (including dishes, gas stove and refrigerator). There are 91 camping sites for tents or motor-homes, with water and electricity, in addition public toilets, laundry, playground and a large swimming pool.

Address: Camino Bahía Inglesa s/n, Caldera III región.
Phone: +56 52 31 6399 / 31 5424

2. Olmué -El Parador de Darwin: Located in the center of Chile in the heart of the town of Olmué, exceptional climate and recommended for visitors of all ages. The center has a restaurant, barbecue, parking, outdoor swimming pool and entertaining games.
Address: La Gruta 2501, Olmué
Phone: +56 33 442 336 / 442 282

3. Lican Ray – Camping Calafquén: Located in the southern Chile, this resort is located in a native forest typical of the region. There are 30 acres and has sports fields (tennis, soccer, volleyball), beautiful gardens and more than 1500 meters of beach. It has 15 cabins for 4, 6 and 8 people fully equipped, distributed in two bedrooms (including bed linen), bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen (including dishes, gas stove, refrigerator), with maid service.
Address: Km. 6 Lican Ray Road – Coñaripe
Phone: +56 63 197 2285

4 Villarrica: Located in the south of Chile, two blocks from the center of the city, near the Playa Grande and the New Coast. It has a capacity for 41 people in double, triple and quadruple rooms with private bathroom and central heating. There are 4 apartments for 4 to 5 persons consisting of two bedrooms (including bed linen), bathroom, living room and kitchen (equipped with refrigerator, stove and dishes).
Address: Villarrica, General Korner 255, Urrutia corner
Phone: +56 45 411 641

5. Torres del Paine National Park – Camping Río Serrano:
Located within the Torres del Paine National Park, Río Serrano has 46 sites to accommodate six people each, 2 sites with capacity of 15-20 people and 3 sites for motor homes.
The on-site building is equipped with 9 health booths with electricity from 07:00 hrs. to midnight, showers with hot and cold water, toilet, laundry tub, kitchen sink, garbage, handicap accessible bathrooms and restaurant. There are stoves in each room with grill, a shed with tables and benches, (except in RV/mobile home sites), and a first aid room. There is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Address: XII Región (the entry of new access to Park Road Milodon Cave)
Phone: +56 02 1960448 / 1960447

Contact Valeria Jimenez Moreno at [email protected] or +56 2 876 2628