IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Property Tax Rebates and Deferrals

Did you know that there are two programs available to reduce property tax payments for some Halton residents?

1. Property Tax Rebate or Reduction for Low Income Seniors in Burlington, Oakville and Halton Hills

According to information posted on the municipality websites a property tax rebate is available to low income seniors if you live in Burlington ($450 rebate) or Halton Hills ($425 rebate). Oakville offers a tax reduction of $475. At the time of writing we are not aware that the Town of Milton offers this form of rebate.

You are eligible for a rebate if you or your spouse or same sex partner:
• Are 65 years of age or older;
• Receive the guaranteed income supplement; and
• Have owned your home in Burlington, Oakville or Halton Hills for at least 1year.

2. Property Tax Deferral Program for Low Income Seniors and Low Income Persons with Disabilities living in Halton Region.

Starting in 1998 the Province of Ontario requires municipalities to provide relief in respect of all or part of the tax increases on residential property for eligible low-income seniors and low-income disabled property owners.

Accordingly, Halton Region provides a tax deferral for all property tax increases to eligible low-income seniors and low-income disabled property owners in Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville.

Basically once you are deemed eligible and are enrolled in the program, property tax increases can be deferred for subsequent years to a specified cumulative maximum amount until such time as you no longer own your home. These are deferred taxes and the cumulative deferred amount must be paid when the home is sold.

Who is Eligible?
1. A low income senior is a person who is 65 years of age or older as of the taxation year for which the application for a deferral is made and whose combined family income does not exceed $41,300 per annum.
2. A low income person with a disability is a person who in the year for which the application is requested is in receipt of disability benefits under a government program such as, but not limited to, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit, and/or private insurer plans, and whose combined family income does not exceed $41,300 per annum.

All seniors and low income persons with a disability who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to contact their local municipality for more information about these programs and to obtain an Application Form.

There are deadlines for which applications must be received. If you have missed the deadline this year make sure you do not miss it next year.

Telephone numbers for the various tax departments are as follows:

• City of Burlington – 905-335-7750

• Town of Halton Hills – 905-873-2601 Extension 2242

• Town of Milton – 905 878-7252, Extension 2193

• Town of Oakville – 905-338-4222