Christmas Giving Poll Report

January 1, 2011


CARP members say they gave more this year than last (and they certainly gave more than the Canadian population in general) but examination of detailed findings brings some doubt on this claim. It may be that charitable donations and volunteering were flat, or slightly down this year among CARP members. Members agree the government must guarantee social welfare programs, although private charity has a role to ply.

CARP members are most likely to claim they have been “nice” this year, rather than “naughty”, but many are holding this information close to their chests.

Christmas is primarily a family holiday, rather than a religious one for CARP members.

The vast majority of CARP members claim to have made a charitable donation or volunteered in the past year and they claim they gave more and volunteered more this year than last, but their own behaviour belies this assertion.

CARP members are especially likely to donate to social welfare charities and disease research organizations.

CARP members agree strongly that the primary guarantor of social welfare programs must be the government, not private charities.

Giving and volunteering is an ingrained family tradition, although many members came to it in adulthood.

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Keywords: finances, donations