Is It Time For An Election?

That depends on who you ask. The Angus Reid group asked an online panel of 1000 Canadians this question just before Christmas, and fully one half said yes (49%). CARP asked its online panel of 1300 members the same question at the same time, and just one quarter agreed (28%).

Now, the CARP membership differs from the general public in that they are (obviously) older, and somewhat wealthier than the average Canadian their age. These two factors track closely with Conservative Party support, so it is no surprise that our members may be more vested in the continued survival of the current government than the average Canadian.

Our ongoing political polls show that CARP members favour the Conservatives over the Liberal Party by about 15%, whereas the Conservatives tend to lead the Liberals in most national polls by about 5%.

To read a detailed copy of the report and a comparison of CARP and Angus Reid poll responses, please click here

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