Elder Technology Assistance Group

ETAG is committed to helping older adults stay connected with technology. ETAG offers FREE technology assistance designed to accommodate everyone.

Keeping the mind active is important to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. With the support of their community partners and volunteer team, ETAG helps seniors learn to benefit from the positive potential technology creates, enabling them and improving their overall quality of life.

ETAG provides older adults with free help using computers, the Internet and virtually any other modern technology. For example learn such things as how to protect your computer from viruses or how to edit your digital photographs. Much of this software can be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Learn about these websites and how to take advantage of the software available

ETAG’s Program is designed to accommodate everyone, no matter how little previous experience a person has. Their tutors are patient, thorough and knowledgeable students with a desire to help their community.

Contact ETAG today to register for free technology help! For more information, please visit their website at www.etagroup.ca or CLICK HERE

Or contact CHRIS BINT with any questions about ETAG and the availability of their programs.

Chris can be reached at:
416.844.1471 or by email at [email protected]