Member Profile Report

January 28, 2011


Members have belonged to CARP for six and a half years, on average and are, on average, 68 years old.

Most members live in Ontario, followed by BC, and three quarters are married or living common law.

Member households are primarily made up of 2 people, and very few have children in the home.

More than one half of members have a college degree or more, and, while the vast majority are retired, significant proportions work as professionals or owners.

Most members live in houses they own in mid-size cities, and the largest group of members report incomes between $40,000 and $60,000 a year..

While two thirds of members joined CARP for the advocacy, fully three quarters say that is why they remain members.

Members are split on whether they are most likely to support CARP’s pension reform initiatives or health care initiatives.

Analysis of member attitudinal data suggests they are:

• Opinionated, and not afraid to express it
• Not very comfortable with technology
• Happy CARP is renewing itself
• On balance, pessimistic rather than optimistic
• More open than hidebound
• Involved in an active lifestyle
• Those who have lived demanding lives

Electoral preference for the four federalist parties has been in virtual stasis for several months, with the Conservatives leading the Liberals by a healthy margin among members.

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